Fall Festivities: Mamzells is celebrating its 2-year anniversary!

Les Mamzells, pommes de terre du Québec.

Fall Festivities: Mamzells is celebrating its 2-year anniversary!

Summer is already over and giving way to the Fall season, a time for comfort and harvest for our potato farmers. For Mamzells, this season is especially meaningful since it coincides with its second-year anniversary. Yes indeed! On this exact date (2 years ago already!), our 4 ranges of carefully handpicked potatoes were getting cosy on the shelves of your favourite grocery stores.

Now you can probably guess that the development of such a beautiful project did not happen overnight! Between elaborating our ranges “Uses, Flavours, Specialties and Ready-to-cook”, and seeing them in the supermarkets, several steps were required.

The story behind the little pink bag

Even though the potato is a great vegetable option due to its versatility and highly nutritious value, it has not always had a good reputation. Thankfully, we now understand the importance of including potatoes in our diet and acknowledge the numerous benefits linked to its consumption.

With the desire of helping potatoes regain their former glory, the association of producers Québec Parmentier decided to take action and created an innovative product line aimed at highlighting the numerous advantages of this vegetable, both from a dietary and flavour perspective.

Worthwhile challenges

Now if we’re completely honest, we won’t hide the fact that placing the potato in this new light was not always easy and a few challenges came along the way!

“Mamzells Specialty Potatoes are unique and are based on the different textures and natural aromas that can be found in the potato, rather than solely on its colour. This meant rethinking the entire production line, as well as the whole design and packaging of our products.”

This testimony came from Ms. Audrey Boulianne, executive director for Québec Parmentier, who knew exactly what she was getting into when she started this project and stayed committed throughout by being present for each step of the Mamzells’ story.

In order to adequately showcase the distinctive qualities of the potato, we worked side by side with experts such as Dr. Charles Goulet, PhD in Plant Biology, to characterize the exclusive varieties of potatoes produced by Québec Parmentier. This study was a first for Canada!

A potato that is easy to prepare

Being meticulous and thorough has paid off because it has enabled us to sort our potatoes according to their preparation method, their flavours or their specific characteristics.

Knowing how difficult it is to find the time to cook a proper meal, we chose to select a range of thin-skinned potatoes that would save you the effort of going through the peeling process. Additionally, during the development of Mamzells, we have elaborated a quick identification system that enables you to save even more time during your meal prep. All you need is to look for our practical and recyclable packages.

Flavours: this range of potatoes offers a variety of meal possibilities based on a selection of flavours. These suggestions will give you an extra hand come cooking time.

Uses: with this range, you will be able to find out at a glance which potato type is best for the preparation method you’re planning.

Specialties: they take on many forms and are a feast for both your eyes and your taste buds.

Ready-to-cook: take less time preparing your meal thanks to Mamzells Ready-to-cook potatoes. Whether you’re the microwave, oven or barbecue type, this range will be sure to suit you.

From our fields to your table

You’ll have guessed, but we’re absolutely head over heels for our potatoes! Their high potassium and vitamin C levels, as well as the fibre and protein intake they provide make it an exceptional vegetable. Produced in Québec, Mamzells are proud to offer an easy-to-cook product and to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.