Halloween menu for the perfect Dinner Party

Halloween menu for the perfect Dinner Party

Halloween is soon on our doorstep and the preparations for this event provide the opportunity to inspire creative imaginations. From simple pumpkins decorative to realistic reproductions of horror scenes, fans of this festive atmosphere will surely find their way.   In addition to being the perfect time to bring out your 80s horror movies it’s the time to put yourself into the search for the perfect costume. Because we love to inspire you with new recipes, here are some spooky meal ideas featuring our favourite vegetable!

Phantom Puree of Potatoes

Photographe : eazypeazymealz     Your guests won't be able to resist these little ghosts made from mashed potatoes. Just use a pastry bag with a round tip to mount them. Add peppercorns or sesame seeds to the eyes and you’re done!   

Pumpkin and Potato Cauldron

Photo : Istock   To add a "halloweenesque" atmosphere to your October 31st meal,  place a pumpkin in the centre of your table and use it as a container. Keep the interior and create a delicious autumn squash and potato soup.

Pumpkin Peels of Potatoes

Photographe : alidaskitchen     The pumpkin is the perfect symbol to represent the Halloween party! Add it to your culinary scene with these small peels of potatoes garnished with pepperoni and olives. The youngest will love it and will enjoy the nutrients contained in the peel.

Haunted Chips Potatoes

Photographe : guavarose     Why serve simple chips  while you can serve your guests something crustier? Cut thin slices of potatoes, using a straw, create 2 small holes at the top of each slice and fry your potatoes until it is golden brown. Feel free to create other "scary" shapes with whimsical moulds!  

Potato Candy

Photographe : newengland     Halloween is also the time of the year when the jar sweets flow for the pleasure of the youngest (and the greatest too, admit it). Take the opportunity to discover or rediscover the recipe of traditional potato candy, a timeless classic.