Mamzells in the sky!

Mamzells in the sky!

During the month of May, several creative recipes featuring Mamzells potatoes will be offered as a suggestion at the Ciel! Bistro-Bar. Our supplier, Colabor, has carried our products for a few months now, and Chef David Forbes didn’t hesitate to try them out. The enthusiastic chef loves the Mamzells brand for many reasons: “They are pre-washed and carefully selected. This way, they can be handled more quickly.” These are two very beneficial characteristics for a bustling bistro. The Mamzells team though, why not highlight the fact that Mamzells is soaring in the sky ? The catchy slogan and image amused everyone involved in the project. Chef Forbes saw an opportunity to showcase his team of cooks. He has a brigade of 21 people, of which 8 are women. The Mamzells brand uses female first names to personalize its different varieties : “I figured why not take advantage of it to promote the women in the profession!”

What are you waiting for?

During the month of May 2017, four video capsules, including an introduction and three creative recipes featuring Quebec potatoes, were shared on our Facebook page. In addition to being available on our blog, these delicious meals will also be offered as suggestions at the Ciel! Bistro-Bar!

Get creative

One of the project’s objectives was to demonstrate the endless possibilities of using potatoes. Even though we have developed a product line that highlights different cooking methods, we believe that consumers will go further to create more elaborate recipes with our potatoes. Dare to use different ingredients to enhance them, and get creative by reinventing the classics.


Québec Parmentier launched the Mamzells brand in October 2016 with the objective of restoring the reputation of the most popular tuber with Quebec families, the potato. With this innovative way to market potatoes, Mamzells is positioning itself as a facilitator for its group of farmers, including more than 25 enthusiastic families located all over Quebec. Mamzells has many distinct product lines, which is a first in the agriculture sector. They’re available in three great lines: specialties, flavours and cooking methods, and you will find added value in each of them!   You can buy Mamzells in grocery stores such as Metro, Loblaws, IGA and in some independent grocers. Ask for them at your favourite food store.