Mamzells Potatoes in Foil

Mamzells foil papillotte

Mamzells Potatoes in Foil

Barbecue season is back for our delight! Another index that summer has truly begun and that this is not a dream! Outdoor enthusiasts have gone camping, travellers are already on the plane and the cooks take out the grill!   Between skewer, grill meat and chop on the plate, we are not in out of recipes to satisfy lovers of this type of cooking.   Not to mention vegetables that take on a whole new flavour when they are baked on the grill. As an accompaniment or main course, they add colour to our gourmet dishes and add a special touch to our table.   How to prepare them?The foil is the easiest cooking method to use when it comes to cooking vegetables on the plate. All you need is aluminum foil. Enclosed in this film, the vegetable cooks from the inside thanks to the heat it releases. That's easy! As simple as our Mamzells potatoes in foil recipe, you're sure to start the barbecue season in style.   Now it's your turn!  

Number of servings

4 people  

Practical tools

  • BBQ
  • Aluminum foil


  • 4 butter-flavoured Mamzells potatoes
  • Bunch of chives (about 75 g)
  • 30 ml of melted butter
  • A pinch of thyme
  • A pinch of chopped parsley
  • Pepper and salt to taste

Preparation: 20 minutes | Cooking time: 30 minutes

  1. Preheat oven (or grill) to medium.
  2. Place the previously streaked potatoes individually on a sheet of aluminum foil.
  3. Brush the potatoes with melted butter and season with spices.
  4. Wrap the potatoes with their aluminum foil and cook on the plate for about 45 minutes or until they are soft and soft inside (prick with a fork to validate cooking).
  5. Serve with a little cream.