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Elegant, flirtatious and bold, Mamzells’ new potatoes are making everyone green with envy! Succumb to temptation and try Grace, Jackie, Ella, Sofia, or any delicious spuds from our Flavours collection. They are all so good! Created by Québec Parmentier, the Mamzells brand includes a wide variety of exclusive potatoes that are carefully selected for their flavours, textures or how they adapt to various cooking methods. These potatoes will enhance your dishes—and talent as a budding chef—regardless of the type of side dish you want to make. Mamzells come in four unique product lines: Specialties, Flavours, Uses and Ready to cook.

Whether you want to amaze your brunch guests, delight your family at dinner, relax with friends during cocktail hour, or enjoy a mouth-watering meal, Mamzells has the potato you need. With Mamzells, simplicity and great taste go hand in hand.

Mamzells potatoes are now available at your local grocery store.

Mamzells products are proudly 100% Canadian farm-grown.

Anything goes with Mamzells !


Potato Fans with Walnut Arugula Pesto

This Mamzells potato recipe, whipped up by one of our fans, will go perfectly with your favourite meat or fish. It can also be served bite-sized.

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Potato Rosette with Miso, Garlic and Thyme

Try our country-style butter, miso and thyme-flavoured Mamzells Potato Rosette recipe.

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Potato, Avocado Mayo and Northern Shrimp Bites

Try our tasty summer snack suggestion made from Mamzells potatoes, avocado mayo and northern shrimp!

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