Breakfast and Brunch: Spotlight on the Potatoes Dishes


Breakfast and Brunch: Spotlight on the Potatoes Dishes

Potatoes are a must-have and classic when it comes to family brunch or quick lunch. In addition, it contains a large number of nutrients, its perfect on its own or on a side dish. Here are 3 recipe ideas for your next brunch.

Nest of Potatoes With Eggs

nids de pommes de terre

Full of protein, this breakfast, is very easy to make. All you need is an egg, 2 Mamzells Mashed potatoes from the Uses range, a green onion, a little bit of cheese and a pinch of bacon. Mix onion, bacon, finely sliced green onions, and potatoes to make a well-rounded ball. Then make a hole in the earthen paste and gently deposit it. After cooking for about 15 minutes under supervision, remove the nest and sprinkle it for an even creamier taste!

A Pan of Potatoes

one-pan pommes de terre

Cut your Oven Mamzells potatoes of the  Uses range in four and bake it for 20 minutes on a baking sheet lined with parchment. When lightly browned add a few pieces of ham, shallots, mushrooms and powder powders. Create spaces between the potatoes to add eggs and bake it again until the eggs are cooked. There you go!

Fried potatoes (Ready-to-bake)

pommes de terre à la poêle

Are you in a hurry or have no time for lunch? Never mind! Use our Mamzells Ready to cook potato tray for a delicious meal without compromising on taste. Open the tray and put the potatoes in a pan with a few drops of vegetable oil. Spices it with oregano and thyme.

Do you have other lunch ideas featuring potatoes? Share them with the Mamzells community!