10 recipes to celebrate spring

Recettes printanières mamzells

10 recipes to celebrate spring

Who says melting snow, says spring has arrived! A period of renewal and freshness that is also showing on our plate. The comforting recipes are gradually replaced by lighter meals that are better suited to this slightly faster time of the year.  

The desire to see our plate full of greenery and crunchy vegetable gave us the idea to celebrate the arrival of spring with a small list of our recipes that will give you the desire to cook in spring mode!

1. Potato salad with octopus

Octopus? Did you say "octopus?”  yes! Surprising and exotic, this seafood salad recipe comes with a bouquet of parsley and aromatized olive oil notes.

2. Vichyssoise of potatoes

Soup is a meal that is mostly associated with winter, but the vichyssoise is a dish that can be consumed hot or cold. This creamy dish that showcases our Butter-flavoured Mamzells is perfect for any season.

3. Potato Bites, Avocado Mayo, and Northern Shrimp

What is cooler than the taste of prawns and lemon intertwined with that of ground dill, saffron, and coriander? This recipe of small potatoes bites is perfect for small appetites.

4. Potatoes with arugula and walnuts pesto

Hazelnut-flavoured walnuts and hazelnuts blend harmoniously with pesto in this quick and easy-to-cook recipe. Fan potatoes are distinguished by their presentation but are ready in a jiffy.

5. Small potato pizzas, eggs, and leeks

This pizza will rage at your table! With tender baked potatoes, mozzarella cheese, and a crispy naan bread, you will give new colours to this traditional comfort food.

6. Power bowl of potatoes

Avocado and our Grace potatoes in a protein bowl! A crowd of colours reminiscent of the arrival of spring and which can be enjoyed in small or large portions. With their delicate taste and thin peels, the Grace is perfect for salads, stir-fries, and bowls of all kinds!

7. A quick potato salad ready to cook

You want to eat healthy to prepare for the summer, you do not have time to cook, but you do not want to compromise  taste? Try our quick salad recipe from Mamzells Ready-to-Cook. A few ingredients, 4 easy steps and you're done!

Our Mamzells in Heaven ...

Let yourself be tempted by Chef Davids Forbes's creative recipes from the resto-bar "Le Ciel" , in this collaboration with the cook featuring the different ranges of our Mamzells:

8. Smoked salmon and roasted potatoes

Our Mamzells Jackies are featured in this recipe of salmon or superimposed cream with tarragon, Atlantic fish, and caviar.

9. Northern shrimp and Flowery mashed potato

With this northern shrimp recipe, chef David Forbes explores mashed potatoes with our mashed potatoes, perfect for this light, coastal-flavoured recipe.

10. Beef Carpaccio and Grace Potato Chips

Light and festive, this fine carpaccio of beef accompanied by cucumber and crunchy Mamzells Grace is mouth watering!

Cooking a spring recipe has never been easier when it comes to the potato. This all-season vegetable fits easily with your favourite foods and its versatility always surprises us! To simplify things, even more, we have divided our Mamzells potatoes into distinct ranges; the Specialties, the Flavours and the Uses, the Ready to cook, you will see in them an added value!

Remember that it is possible to buy Mamzells in supermarkets such as Metro, Loblaws, IGA and some independent businesses. Do not hesitate to ask your favourite grocery clerk!